This is the page for the walkthrough of Totally Bear. For the base page, click here!
This walkthrough is provided by toby_lover, who has done an excellent job providing an excellent 'in depth' walkthrough of the game. Thank you, toby_lover!



Clear GemEdit

To Access: Finish Level 15, Un-Bearable. Before leaving the level, turn around and run to the gap where the big bear fell. Perform a slide jump over the gap and run back to the little bear to be warped to the secret Warp Room.

Reward: Level 26, Totally Bear

With Level 26 and 27, you only have to worry about getting the Clear (Box) Gems. Totally Bear is another level where you have to ride a bear. However, this level takes place in the dark. When you reach a stack of boxes over the water, hold down Circle or Square to speed up and then press X for a long jump. For this level, you have to be on your toes and ready to change directions in an instant. Not really much else I can say here. Once you finish this level and grab the Clear Gem (if you hit all the boxes), you’ll be thrown out of Level 15.

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