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This walkthrough is provided by toby_lover, who has done an excellent job providing an excellent 'in depth' walkthrough of the game. Thank you, toby_lover!



Crystal, Bonus, Clear (Yellow Gem Path) Gem and Clear (box) GemEdit

The new enemy in this level shoots flames at you. Wait until it’s done to spin it. When you reach the first electrocuted water, remember to hit the boxes floating in the water. Hit the first checkpoint and get Aku Aku.

Before you ride down the Yellow Gem platform, break the boxes and continue into the next room. Avoid the barrel and the fan. Break the boxes and defeat the flamethrower guy and the rat. Follow the path to the Bonus.

Slide under the iron crates to break the boxes. Hit the ! Box to have wooden boxes appear above the Nitro Boxes. Carefully jump on each box to break it while avoiding the Nitro Boxes. Slide into another ! Box and use the springy box that appears to jump up to more iron crates. Fall down the line of fruit and use the platform to exit the Bonus. You should leave with a total of 10 boxes.

Break the Aku Aku crate and spin the sewer cleaners into the fan to take out all three blades. Activate the next checkpoint.

Cross the electrocuted water on the platforms and destroy the next fan. Break the next Aku Aku Crate and spin the sewer cleaner into the stack of boxes. If you miss, you have to purposely die and try again. Either that, or you have to be very lucky and jump and spin to break one of the wooden boxes. Once you’ve destroyed all the boxes, you can go all the way back to the first Yellow Gem platform. The one in front of the stack of boxes won’t do anything.

For the iron springy crates, be sure not to fall into a gap and into the electrocuted water. Use the platforms to cross the rest of the water and enter the door ahead. Kill the sewer cleaners and claim the Clear Gem. Perform a slide jump while the flamethrower guy is charging to reach the platform he’s on. Spin him and continue. You’ll have to slide to reach the next path. Jump across the water and ride the Yellow Gem up.

Take the left path to collect 3 more boxes and then go right to finish the level.