Crystals are in second and third games. They are very easy to collect, because most of them are right in your way through the levels
  • Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back

Cortex tells crash that the planets will aline and create complete destruction to the earth. He tells crash he can save the earth but crash must find all 25 crystals. The crystals are in all the levels except bosses and the levels Totaly Bear and Totaly Fly. Once you find a crystal in the level you must reach the end and get warped back to the Warp Room to make it count. Quiting will not let you keep the crystal.

  • Crash Bandicoot : Warped

You must collect the crystals just as the last game but this time you will go through time to find them. They are in ever level except bosses and the 5 in the 6th warp room. They are in the same places just as the last game.

  • Appearance

Crystals are a purple-pink like color and are diamond shaped.