Crash Bandicoot (Game)
The Box art for: Crash Bandicoot


Naughty Dog


Sony Computer Entertainment Universal Interactive Studios


Sony Computer Entertainment


Jason Rubin (director) Andy Gavin (lead programmer) Bob Rafei (art director) Connie Booth (game producer) Charles Zembillas (character designer) Joe Pearson (environment designer) Mutato Muzika (composer)


Josh Mancell


Crash Bandicoot


Proprietary Naughty Dog PlayStation engine


PlayStation, PlayStation Network

Release date(s)


NA August 31, 1996 EU November 1996




Released in 1996 on the Sony™ Playstation (Referred to as the PSone or PS1). The plot of the game is that an evil scientist named Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio have created a device  called the "Evolvo-Ray" which is a device that evolves animals into super animals. Cortex plans that Crash Bandicoot will "Be his general," and "Lead his Cortex commandos' to world domination". He also states "We are closer than ever before" and Brio also said "But Dr.Cortex we have not to turn in the cause of past failures" which must mean something must of went wrong such as Ripper Roo the first test subject in the Cortex Vortex according to the 100% ending: "After Intense therapy and eight years of higher education Dr. Roo went on to write a well received book "Through the eyes of the Vortex". Anyway the experiment went wrong and Crash was "Bandicoot 1.0 REJECT" was escaping from Cortex and fell out of the window of Cortex's Castle (Also featured in CTR) and Crash said his first words "Uh-oh". So to lure Crash back to Cortex's hands he has Crash's girlfriend "Tawna Bandicoot" so, Crash must journey on and defeat cortex's minions and save Tawna (who probably dumped him the next game).

There is simply one task, Get to the end of the level, but for more of a challenge there were also Gems that were obtained by completing a level without losing a life and smashing open every Crate/Box. If you obtained all gems the secret 100% ending was unlocked when you see the gem platforms in the level "The Great hall", You jump over all and at the very and a Bandicoot (Maybe Tawna although she looks different) is waiting for you.

In the game you will encounter 6 bosses: Papu Papu, Ripper Roo, Koala Kong, Pinstripe Potoroo, Nitrus Brio and Dr Neo Cortex. Papu Papu's difficulty was increased in the Japanese game.

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