Cold Hard Crash
Cold Hard Crash
World Number: 4
Gem(s): Clear Gem Icon Clear Gem Icon
Boxes: 155
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Cold Hard Crash is an icy/snow level, the third one in the game. Players may find Cold Hard Crash to be much harder than the previous snow levels (Snow Go, Snow Biz), due to the increased amount of slippery ice, icy shards and crushers. Almost the entire level is coated in beautiful white snow. In this level, towards the end, the rolling stones from the Original Crash Bandicoot game return to hurt Crash. There is a Bonus Round in the level. In addition, Cold Hard Crash contains a Skull Gem Path. Cold Hard Crash contains the following enemies that a player will face:


Like in every level, the regular Clear Gem is present. To obtain this gem, a player must collect every box in the level. Also, there is another Clear Gem in the level, but to obtain it you must go through the Skull Gem Path. To get to the path you must not die. The Skull Gem Path has the required boxes to get the first Clear Gem, so once the player obtains all boxes in the area, Crash will have to go back to the Start of the path, hop on the platform, and go back onto the regular level.


  • The title, "Cold Hard Crash" is an obvious pun of the term, "Cold Hard Cash".