Clear Gems are in almost every crash bandicoot game. They just as important as Crystals, but they are much harder to collect.

  • Crash Bandicoot

In the first game you must break all the boxes in a level and finish the level without losing one crash life. If you do die once in the level, the boxes will be replaced and you will not be able to get the gem. You can always start the level over and try again. There are clear gems in all the levels except bosses, and The Great Hall. Some other levels also have colored gems instead of clear gems. This is a list of them : The Lost City, Generator Room, Toxic Waste, Slippery Climb, Lights Out, and the lab. These colored gems are needed to get boxes in other levels. Once you have all the clear gems, you can go to the level The Great Hall and jump on the path of Clear gems. At the end of the path you find Tawna waiting, and you jump on a bird similar to the ones in Slippery Climb. If you do this you do not have to face Cortex on his blimp, because you will just fly away with her on the bird.

  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

In the Second game you must break all the boxes in a level to get the clear gem. In this game if you lose a life it will not matter. All levels have clear gems except bosses. Just as the last game, you need these colored gems to get boxes for other levels. Some clear gems are also hidden. Once you have every gem N.Brio will use the gems to fire a lazer that will destroy the Cortex Vortex.

  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Just as the previous game, you must break all boxes to get the level's clear gem. If you die it will not matter. And all the levels have clear gems except bosses. The color gems are needed to get more crates in other levels. Some clear gems are hidden When all the gems are collected, you will face Cortex again and when you win, the Time Twister will malfuntion and Cortex and N.Tropy will turn into infants fighting over Uka Uka.